When you think of KIDD MONEY, you may not realize the scope and success he's already gained in the music world. But, if you look beyond talent and artistry, and pay closer attention, you'll recognize the musical triumphs this young artist, writer, producer and entrepreneur has already created and realize his star is definitely on the rise.

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Fl, KIDD MONEY began his rise in the biz at the young age of 16. Discovered by Dynamix 2 with the smash hit "Feel The Bass" later signing his first deal with James Alexander, the original bass player for the Bar-Kays, during a New York rap show, the shrew young artist was released by Alexander's independent label with the single "Ganster Walkin" that was a huge hit in the mid-south region between Memphis and New Orleans.

As he states "I wanted to expand and learn more about the biz, so I moved to the ATL, to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta". That moved proved to be prophetic and profitable, as KIDD MONEY gained new and greater success with the group SPLACK PACK, he founded in 1991. He also wrote and produced hits like "Scrub Da Ground, Shake Dat A...." release by Pandisc records that went gold along with the success of the hit "Let Me Hear Ya Holla" he keeps bringing the jams.

To some in the industry, that kind of success would create a sense of complacency, but that success only spurred on this savvy entertainer. After the launch of SPLACK PACK, his next move was to record for SO SO DEF'S bass compilation album, which netted him his second certified gold album, "So So Def Bass Allstars" with the track "Shake Down". From hitting the road performing to putting on shows. He admits “I’ve won some and lost some, but that's what you have to do in the bizness. You got to make your own moves".

With young performancers using his tracks for their appearances on "Apollo" his music has also been featured on MTV reality series "Jack Ass" and the American drama series "Nip/Tuck" steadily blowing up with tracks like "Wall to Wall Booty" on the LaFace Records bass compilation album "Then Was Bass" And still with his many accomplishments, he's still striving towards new and uncharted musical/television territories. Perhaps, the real secret to his continuous growth lies within his own concept of self. He remains true to his talent both musically and professionally. With his own personal take on the Atlanta underground scene, KIDD MONEY "keeps it real" and even manages to find the positives in the world.

In addition to the new release "Whip it" with London base Dj "Dj Deekline" the multi-talented producer is planning to reach new plateaus, with a new label venture named SouthEast Records and the launch of his multimedia company TuffKiddMedia.com  catering to desktop publishing, videos and  indie Films.

Contact Kidd Money......info@kiddmoney.com